We have all had at least one special teacher or colleague who inspired and brought out our best. The SCA Foundation offers a wonderful and appropriate way for you to pay tribute to that person through our Honor A Mentor program. Others for whom you have admiration and respect may have passed away and we invite you to remember them here.  And our newest offering allows you to salute a Fellows’ Program at an institution you admire.


Honor A Mentor- By honoring a mentor, you are making a gift to honor someone who pushed you to be your best or helped you during a time in need.

Honor A Mentor


Fellows for the Future – Join the long list of donors who have honored the Fellows program of a favorite institution.

Fellows for the Future


Memorial tribute- A memorial gift to the SCA Foundation is a lasting tribute to a friend or colleague who has passed away.  You will post names and photos of the friend/colleague on our website as well as the names of all who have donated in their memory.