Grant WinnersIn-Training, Starter And Mid-Career Grants

The SCA started the grant program and since the inception of the Foundation, will be a joint endeavor of both organizations. Starter and mid-career grants are funded for SCA members’ two-year projects. These grants have provided a springboard for both early and mid-career researchers who subsequently receive highly competitive federal funding. Having a successful track record of funded research makes an investigator’s future projects more attractive to federal funding agencies in the United States and elsewhere.

Grants are currently insufficient in number and in size. They neither support the cost of the grants nor the time the investigator takes away from clinical practice to perform the investigation. The SCA and SCA Foundation are both committed to correcting this imbalance.

The SCA Foundation’s goal is to increase funding levels and grant four awards of $50,000 per year for two year cycles in order to enable cardiovascular anesthesiologists and anesthesiologists to take time away from the operating room to conduct important research in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. The benefits go far beyond the initially funded project.

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