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The Earl Wynands Lecture Series is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Society of Anesthesia and the SCA Foundation.

“The Earl Wynands Lecture was established in 2008 to honor the exceptional contributions made by Dr. Earl Wynands to the field of cardiac anesthesiology. An exceptional educator, researcher and physician, Dr. Wynands has served as teacher and mentor to many cardiac anesthesiologists in Canada and the United States, and served as President of both the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists and the Canadian Society of Anesthesiologists.

Earl Wynands Lectures:

Freedman Collage

2014– John Freedman, MD FRCPC
Transfusion Medicine: Time for a Shift 


Ramsay Collage

–  James G. Ramsay, MD

Cardiac and Critical Care Anesthesiology Moving Forward: Why dual training is beneficial?


2012–  Charles A. Vacanti, MD
Tissue Engineering in the 21st Century: From the bench to the bedside.

2011–   Doris Taylor, PhD
Is it Possible to Create a New Heart?

2010–   Michael P. Grocott, MBBS
Research on Everest: From concept to completion


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